• NEW-Job Posting Position | Rotterdam | September 18,2023
    1.Assist with the daily expense process and document management;
    2.Assist the Expense Management and Reimbursement Process;
    3.Examining financial records to check for accuracy;
    4.Assist to prepare various financial related report with guidance;
    5.Creating KPI reports with guidance;
    6.Fixed Assent and Inventory Management;
    7.Assist the month end, quarter end and year end closing with guidance; 
    8.Assisting the preparation of year-end accounts and statutory accounts; 
    9.Responding to financial inquiries by gathering and interpreting data;
    10.Assisting the internal audits and external auditing;
    11.Advising on estimates for project funding;
    12.Collecting and analysing data, to prepare weekly and monthly estimates; 
    13.Cash Flow Position Control and Report if needed;
    14.Assisting the Clearing and Settlement Business if needed;
    15.Back up roles  assigned by the bank when other staff on leaves;
    16. Any other reasonable work request from the bank.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | The Hauge | September 08,2023
    1. Responsible for pre-sales/after-sales technical support work, including but not limited to project delivery from inception to commissioning, and ongoing operations projects;
    2. Timely handling of customer feedback on product technical issues, responsible for tracking customer feedback on technical issues and their eventual resolution, collecting customer requirements, and providing feedback to the R&D department;
    3. Responsible for the collation, aggregation, and analysis of customer issues to facilitate R&D improvements and upgrades;
    4. Production and training of product technical information and compilation of maintenance cases.

    1. 负责售前/售后技术支持工作,包括但不限于项目从开始到调试、和持续运营项目交付;
    2. 及时处理客户反馈的产品技术问题,负责跟踪客户反馈的技术问题并最终解决,搜集客户需求并对研发部门进行反馈;
    3. 负责客户问题的整理,汇总,分析,促进研发改进和升级;
    4. 产品技术资料的制作和培训以及汇编维修案例。
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Hoofddorp | September 05,2023
    · Preparing related documents of incoming products to warehouse and customs;
    · Arranging transportation, both domestic and international, for inbound and outbound shipments as well as track and tracing shipments to ensure timely delivery;
    · To collaborate with carriers and third-party logistics providers to establish strong working relationships and ensure timely and accurate deliveries;
    · To negotiate rates with carriers and freight forwarders to optimize transportation costs while maintaining service quality and cross-check costs and invoices;
    · Work closely with internal teams, including procurement, warehouse, and sales team, to streamline logistics processes and optimize overall supply chain performance.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Uithoorn, Netherlands | September 04,2023
    1. Product selection and promotional planning.
    2. Product keyword and detail optimization and updates.
    3. Cooperation with the operations team in China.
    4. Data analysis and market research.
    5. Completion of other operational tasks as assigned.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Almere, Netherlands (Hybrid) | August 31,2023
    • Responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining rooftop solar systems and coordinating with the marketing and technical departments. 
    • Work with your colleagues to install and commission the solar system and be responsible for system quality and customer satisfaction. 
    • Use equipment and tool safety according to VCA regulations. 
    • Configure the system monitoring; organise equipment and tools; register work time. 
    • Guide customers to use solar systems correctly, safely, and efficiently.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Amsterdam Central | August 30,2023
    1. Marketing online promotion. 市场营销线上推广.  
    - Responsible for maintaining social media operations, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. 负责维护社交媒体运营,包括Facebook、Instagram、LinkedIn、Twitter等
    Notice customers' feedback/accomplishments/complains and report to corresponding departments 留意客户的反馈/成绩/投诉,并向相应部门报告
    2. Marketing offline promotion 市场营销线下推广.  
    Promote company’s brand image in the local market. 提升公司在当地市场的品牌形象
    Conduct marketing research, propose and implement promotion plan. 进行市场调研,提出并实施促销方案
    Maintain business relationship with local marketing partners, and seek sales opportunities 维护与当地营销合作伙伴的业务关系,并寻求销售机会
    Connect business entities to build up sales channels 连接业务实体,建立销售渠道
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Liège, Belgium | August 25,2023
    - 前期需要参与从筹备到落地的全部过程,包括仓库选址, 招聘工作人员, 采购设备等
    - 落成后工作职能是:
       1. 负责仓库的日常工作,督促落实仓库班组安全生产交接.安全生产培训,安全生产检查等工作;
       2. 负责仓库的人员管理,人员培训,人员安排等,确保仓库的正常运营;
       3. 有较强的组织,协调,沟通能力以及相应的谈判技巧及能力;
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Schiphol | August 25,2023
    1. 熟悉报关业务流程,处理货物的进出口清关及相关文件;
    2. 协助海关查验,跟踪查验进度;
    3. 参与海关例会,处理与海关的信件并保持联系;
    4. 协助处理关务异常
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Schiphol | August 25,2023
    1. 监控第三方仓库的日常运营,根据客户要求安排海运货物出入库和派送,确保配送业务顺利进行;
    2. 如货物有查验,安排海关对货物进行实物检查;
    3. 安排出境卡车运输,从预订到跟踪,并与卡车运输公司沟通以满足需求;
    4. 保存所有运营数据的良好记录;
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Schiphol | August 25,2023
    1.  协调并监督仓库的日常运作,委派日常运营活动并作为仓库工作人员的主要联系人;
    2.  制定并实施日常工作计划,根据客户要求制定并实施日常工作计划,如空运货物出入库和派送,确保配送业务顺利进行;
    3.  如货物有查验,安排海关对货物进行实物检查;
    4.  监控工作进度和质量,改进物流流程和程序的项目提供投入;
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Nijmegen, the Netherlands | August 23,2023
    1. Develop new customer and maintain customer relationship.
    2. Conduct business negotiation and sign the order.
    3. Order management.
    4. Receive and record customer complaint and submit to after-sales and quality department for tracking and analyzing.
    5. Develop new project and monitor the process.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Rijswijk, the Netherlands | August 22,2023
    1. Supervise warehouse operations and manage day-to-day work on site.
    2. Monitor the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs) for warehouse and supply chain, and report to higher-ups.
    3. Coordinate warehouse operations and supply chain projects to ensure projects are delivered on time, meeting quality standards and cost budgets.
    4. Liaise with supply chain partners, manage supplier relationships, and ensure partners and suppliers meet the company's quality and compliance requirements.
    5. Responsible for account reconciliation and inventory management to ensure accuracy and transparency.
    6. Track and report inventory levels, costs, and other key metrics, develop inventory strategies and plans.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Liège, Belgium | August 22,2023
    1. Assist agents in supervising and coordinating express delivery and e-commerce operations, ensuring efficient and timely service.
    2. Monitor the performance of logistics agents and provide guidance to ensure adherence to operational standards and quality improvement.
    3. Collaborate with internal teams and external partners to address any logistical issues and optimize delivery processes.
    4. Maintain accurate records and documentation of logistics activities, including shipment details, inventory reports, and customer communications.
    5. Monitor and track shipments to ensure on-time delivery and promptly address any issues or delays.
    6. Implement quality control measures to enhance the overall quality of logistics operations.
    7. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations, making recommendations for process improvements and cost-saving opportunities.