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Through our combination of Sino-EU talents optimized Job Listings, talent pool, and expertise, Link HRM offers a highly specialized and efficient platform for recruiting candidates with vocational expertise and China-Europe specific skills.
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Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business
Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business

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Link HRM is integrated from the most influential Chinese Job Listing platforms in the Netherlands, to provide professional and qualified human resource for China-EU companies in Benelux.


We help Sino Europe company to profile, search for, and match the right middle & senior- level talent e.g senior project manager, account manager, China desk manager. We network with 5000+ professional talents.

Personnel outsourcing & Payroll

We provide personnel outsourcing and payroll services for companies who don't have a HR department in the Benelux. From A to Z full recruitment cycle can be covered by our Single-process and Integrated HR outsourcing.

Corporate Training

We provide several kinds of training topics for different clients including cross-culture training, complaint management, internal communication, change management, office suits (e.g. Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, Google analyst) and etc.
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Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business

Link HRM is integrated from HoiTalent & GoGoTalent, the most influential Chinese job posting platforms in the Netherlands, to provide a highly specialized and efficient platform for recruiting candidates with vocational expertise and China-Europe-specific skills, with our combination of Sino-EU talents optimized job postings, talent pool, and expertise...
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Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business
Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business
With an owned entity in the Netherlands. By choosing a quality partner with an owned entity in the country, you retain much more control and security.
Years of professional service-providing experience with international companies, deep understanding in HRM sevices.
Tailored solutions to your business requests, including all-around services for international expats, e.g. recruiting, KM visa sponsorship, 30% ruling, relocation assistance...
Transparent pricing. Provide and explain each column of expenses beforehand, with the promise of no extra charges besides the shown multipliers.
Expert service desk from Monday to Friday. You'll have a single point of contact for all your payroll and HR questions.
Digitalized HRM system with extra data security and compliance needs.
Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business
Benefit from our platform, accelerate your China-European business
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | 鹿特丹Waalhaven港口 | November 29,2023
    1. 对整个入库规划、出库规划、生产规划和发货管理负责。
    2. 确保每日订单能够及时而准确地完成。
    3. 与客户的规划团队沟通,分析数据和其他信息以进行内部规划,并满足客户的特殊要求。
    4. 定期审查整个规划流程,并向客户提供更新的信息。
    5. 与内部运营团队合作,满足客户的要求并按时交付。
    6. 与运输团队高效及时地沟通,以确保根据规划水平及时进行每一批发货。
    7. 协调仓库操作功能,确保流程在仓库内顺畅进行。
    8. 与部门主管协调,解决任何异常情况或紧急问题。
    9. 监控运营进展,通知瓶颈,并采取纠正措施。
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | The Hague, The Netherlands | November 29,2023
    1. Tax Compliance: Develop and implement tax rules and filing schemes, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations. Prepare and timely submit accurate tax declarations.
    2. Accounting Management: Responsible for company accounting, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger activities. Ensure accurate and timely recording of financial transactions, as well as archiving financial documents such as original invoices.
    3. Financial Audits: Coordinate and participate in financial audit activities. Prepare supporting documents and maintain communication with auditors to ensure a smooth audit process.
    4. Financial Statements: Prepare and analyze financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Collaborate with accounting firms to compile company financial reports.
    5. Month-End and Year-End Closing: Conduct monthly and annual settlements, prepare financial statements and reports. Responsible for reconciling transactions with subsidiaries, producing individual statements, and reconciling bank statements.
    6. Internal Control Compliance: Monitor local business compliance with accounting and tax regulations. Oversee activities such as employee reimbursement audits, formulation of reimbursement rules, and regular inventory checks of company assets.
    1. 税务合规: 制定并实施税务规则及税务申报方案,确保遵守本地税务法规。准备并及时提交准确的税务申报;
    2. 会计管理: 负责公司账务核算,包括应付账款、应收账款和总账活动。确保财务交易的准确和及时入账,原始发票等财务文档归档;
    3. 财务审计: 协调并参与财务审计工作。准备支持文件并与审计师保持联系,确保审计过程顺利;
    4. 财务报表: 准备并分析财务报表,包括利润表、资产负债表和现金流量表。配合会计所完成公司财报的编制;
    5. 月结和年结: 月度和年度结算,准备财务报表和报告,负责子公司往来对账,单家报表输出,银行流水对账等结账工作;
    6. 内控合规: 监控本地业务遵从会计和税务法规的要求。如员工报销审核,报销规则制定,公司资产及库存的定期盘点。
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Rotterdam | November 28,2023
    1. 工作经历:有小红书运营或其他新媒体运营相关专业者优先;
    2. 有活动策划或组织能力及经验者优先;有较强的图/文编辑能力;
    3. 语言能力:英文流利,懂荷兰语者优先;
    4. 工作时间:2024年2月起
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Capelle aan den IJssel | November 27,2023
    1. Regulating and supporting business activities, Achieving good connection between business acclivities and Finance.
    2. Responsible for accounting vouchers, monthly financial reports and financial operation analysis reports as required.
    3. Prepare various reports required for Dutch taxation, apply tax returns on time every month, avoid corporate tax-related risks, Responsible for the declaration of tax reductions and exemptions and tax refunds.
    4. Ensure the security of funds, allocating and monitoring the use of funds.
    5. Organizing regular inventory counts and prepare inventory counting reports.
    6. Responsible for the company's external audit and internal audit required by the headquarters.
  • NEW-Job Posting Position | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | November 24,2023
    1. Management of regulations, anti-money laundering, sanction compliance, KYC and customer due diligence, money laundering risk assessment, suspicious activity and transaction identification and reporting, compliance testing and anti-money laundering audit findings rectification.
    2. Review alerts generated by the Bank Anti- money Laundering System on possible matches to sanction lists. Take appropriate follow up actions as necessary. Maintain and update sanction and PEP lists including into appropriate systems according to the Bank’s procedures.
    3. Implementation of procedures and processes in relation to new Dutch, EU regulatory and Bank of China Group requirements. New acts and regulations monitoring.
    4. GDPR protection. Maintain an overview of client data for the Bank, including accounts opened, PEPs, UBO, and follow up with high risk account reviews as per required time period.
    5. Liaise and coordinate with external parties in relation to Legal & Compliance requests to ensure that they are handled promptly. Outsourcing Law firms and third parties management.
    6. Review loan agreements and banking business contracts, NDA and other legal documents 
    7. Carrying out Legal & Compliance controls as per Compliance Monitoring Program.
    8. Handle internal and external ad-hoc requests for information and reporting as necessary. Give support, assistance and cover Legal & Compliance colleagues in times of needs. Complaint management.